What you Need to Know before you book!

Almost ready to book?

Please read this page well. Punta el Custodio is a paradise for most people, but it’s not for everybody. On this page you can read more about what to expect. We do hope to see you in our little paradise!

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Your place looks nice, but it's in the middle of nowhere!

We are not exactly located in the middle of nowhere, but it is rural Mexico. It’s one of our charms, we think, that we are far away from the noise from busy, touristic places. At Punta el Custodio, you are away from it all. You will be able to relax and enjoy your vacation like you never have before. Thanks to our staff also, who will do everything to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

The drive from Puerto Vallarta airport is an easy, beautiful drive. Almost all straight, just follow the highway, you only have to take 4 turns. We used to say that it was a 2 hours drive, but it has gotten more busy over the last few years. Probably it takes between 2 and 2.5 hours by now (April 2018).

There still is no development of condos, hotels etc in this area. We feel very lucky about that. You will have the ocean for yourself, literally. You may see some other guests that stay at one of the houses, and in the weekend Mexicans from the area come to the beach in Platanitos or to surf.

See our exact location and driving instructions on our page Location.

So what do we do, in Punta el Custodio, rural Mexico, for 1 week?

You won’t get bored.
You came to relax, spend time with family or friends, enjoy the place, and we hope that’s what you will do.

Our English speaking on site manager, Ismael, can arrange excursions/transportation if you want. You can go deep sea fishing, whale/dolphin watching in season, visit the turtle hatchery at 1 mile from our community, go horse riding on the beach, visit local towns and markets or go to the bigger towns (at 45 minutes or more). Go to the Tovara waterfall. Ismael will arrange it for you. We are in front of one of the best surf breaks in Nayarit, we have a 2 person kayak, free to use for our guest. You can go paddle boarding into the estuary. Sip a margarita on your sundeck.

You won’t get bored.

What is the booking/payment process?

First you ask all the questions you have to Michel, who handles all the inquiries. He lives 1.5 hour south of Punta el Custodio, has spent many, many long weekends at all the houses at Punta el Custodio with his little family since 2009, so he knows our community very well.

Once you decide to book, we will block the dates, send you the rental contract and payment info. We ask for a 50% deposit to secure the dates for you, the last 50% plus a refundable damage deposit of $400 USD are due 8 weeks before arrival. You will receive a reminder by that time.

You can pay by sending a cheque to the owner in the US for all houses except Casa Sonrisa and Casa Iguana, at no extra cost. You can also deposit through paypal, then we require an extra payment fee of 4% of the rent. You can pay through our VRBO listing for 6 of the 8 houses too, but then you will have to pay 4 – 10% extra on commissions and fees.

How do I order/pay for the meal plan, airport transfers and excursions?

About 6 weeks before arrival Michel, your rental agent, will bring you in contact with Ismael, our on site manager who handles the meal plan/airport transfers/excursions. It works best if you communicate directly with Ismael about meal plan and transportation.

For the meal plan Ismael will need to know number of people, how many are under 13 or 5 years old. If you want him to arrange airport transfers he needs to know names/flight number/date/time of arrival/departure. If you ordered an airport transfer there will be a driver waiting immediately after customs at Vallarta airport with a sign with your name on it.

You pay for the food plan during your stay, in cash, to Ismael. If you have special food wishes, let Ismael know upfront, or tell your housekeeper/cook during your stay.

Cost one way airport transfer (ask Ismael upfront, rates may change):
Up to 3 persons $135 USD
Up to 6 persons $165 USD
Up to 9 persons $195 USD

If you want to rent a car you may get a good deal if you rent one at the airport, or you can reserve online before you arrive. Please check the reviews of the rental company before you book. You can rent an economical car for less than $25 USD per day, but at the airport they may force you to pay an extra few hundred dollars for insurance. We are not affiliated to them in any way, but we would highly recommend Gecko Car Rentals in Bucerias, see http://www.geckorentcar.com/.

Will I have cell phone and internet connection?

We have 3G cellular access in our houses/community, so you can call and be called. In some places the signal may be weaker, then you will have to move a few meters, at busy times (morning and early evening) you may lose the signal.

You can use the 3G signal on your smartphone to connect to internet. Contact your provider, they offer international data plans at low extra cost, you may even have it in your plan already. This way, you can connect to internet through your cell phone, or you can use your smartphone as a “hotspot” to connect to internet on non-cellular devices like laptops and tablets. It is easy to set up, you can find a lot of info online on how to set it up in a few minutes.

If you need quick unlimited internet for your work then our place is not for you. We cannot guarantee reliable internet. We are located in rural Mexico, modern communication is not that developed here. We think that’s a blessing for a week or so. In general you should be able to connect most of the time, but again, nothing guaranteed. It’s out of our hands. In case of emergencies our staff is always stand by. There is a gatekeeper 24/7 with mobile phone.In case of emergencies our staff is always stand by. There is a gatekeeper 24/7 with mobile phone.

We have offered WiFi in the past, but, despite mentioning that we could not guarantee internet, we created expectations we could not fulfill. We want to be clear; we don’t offer WiFi.

How about bugs?

As we are in the tropics, animals and insects are present. We suggest that you close the doors at dark to keep the “little creatures” out. “No-see-ums” are well named. They are invisible insects whose bites can make life very itchy and uncomfortable, at least for some people who are more allergic to them. The area is sprayed, but at the same time we want to keep our community as free as possible from poison. Most of our guests find that the No-see-ums are only active around sunrise and sunset, and more often they are not present at all. Spray liberally with an insect repellant and if possible, wear long pants, long sleeved T-shirts and socks at sunset and sunrise to protect your wrists and ankles and life will be pleasant. We also suggest using the fans if sitting outdoors while dining, which not only will keep the bugs away but circulates a nice breeze around your feet. In general there are no bugs during daylight. In the past 9 years we had 2 guests who left the house earlier than planned because they were bothered too much by the no-see-ums. So again, if you are very sensitive to these things our place may not be for you.

Is the electricity supply reliable?

We do have occasional blackouts, as they have in Puerto Vallarta, Sayulita, and many other tourist destinations in the area. During dry season (November – June) they hardly occur, and if so, power is back quickly most of the times. During rainy season they are more frequent because of lightning that strikes a pole, landslides etc.
We have a big back up generator for these situations, all houses but casa sonrisa are connected to it. Despite the generator, the A/C can not be used during blackouts. The generator supplies enough energy for refrigerators, fans and lights to work, but not enough for the A/C.

Is Punta el Custodio a safe place?

Over the past few years Mexico has received very bad publicity because of the drug violence. This is a serious problem, but at the same time we, all our guests and all the people we talk to, feel very, very safe in Mexico, and at Punta el Custodio in particular, which is a gated community. The violence is mainly near the border. If you are not engaged in the drug trade, there is nothing to fear: you will probably be much safer here than in most cities in the US or Canada. Punta el Custodio is one of the safest places we know. Just take the normal precautions, don’t walk around with (or show) a lot of cash.

Are there extra costs when we rent a villa?

Our additional All-Inclusive Package (Meal Plan)
Our houses and villas can be rented with or without meal plan or all-inclusive package. For the rental rates, see each individual rental page. Our all-inclusive package (3 meals a day, juices, sodas, fruits, chips and 5 beers a day per adult, all shoppings are done by the staff of Punta el Custodio) costs $230 USD per week per adult, $115 USD per week for children from 5 – 12 years old. A tip for your private maid/cook and the staff is greatly appreciated!

Payment fees
There may be payment fees when you book the house. If you pay by sending a cheque to the owner, then there are no extra costs. Paying by sending a cheque is possible for all houses except for Casa Sonrisa. All owners accept paypal deposits, we do charge an extra 4% payment fee when paid through paypal. You can book all houses except Colibri and Don Juan through VRBO.com too, but they may charge booking fees up to 10%.

Are there stores nearby?

There are only a few small stores in Platanitos and in the nearby towns, but they don’t carry a wide variety of products — only the most basic ones. You can buy freshly caught fish from the fishermen who arrive at Platanitos beach at 8 in the morning, and a pickup truck with fruit and vegetables comes to Platanitos several days a week in the morning. The nearest supermarket is in Zacualpan, about 25 minutes away. This is one of the reasons that most guests go for the all-inclusive package: the staff will do all the shopping for you!

General info about Punta el Custodio

The staff
The staff of Punta el Custodio (in all houses except Casa Sonrisa) consists of Ismael Franco, our on site manager who speaks fluent English, the women who clean the houses (each house has it’s own), the gatekeeper, gardiners, mechanics, other maintenance workers and Michel, your rental agent. In Casa Sonrisa you will deal with Wendy as manager of the house and Perla, the Spanish speaking maid.

About 6 weeks before arrival we will get you in contact with Ismael or Wendy to arrange the food plan/airport transfers. Once you arrive at Punta el Custodio Ismael or Wendy will be your main contact to answer all your questions and help you with activities such as trips, tips and excursions. They are also excellent at coordinating special events such as mariachi parties.

Contacts for your stay at Punta el Custodio
Your first contact will be Michel, your rental agent for the 8 houses listed on this website. Since he has spent many weekends at Punta el Custodio with his family since 2009, in all 14 houses, there is no better person to help you choose the best house for your needs. He will answer all your questions and can give you the best information about each of the houses and Punta el Custodio itself. He will assist you in making your reservation. Once you arrive at Punta el Custodio, you are in the safe hands of Ismael Franco, the on site manager of seven of the eight villa rentals at Punta El Custodio (if you rent Casa Sonrisa you will be in the safe hands of Wendy and Perla)

Water is a valuable commodity at Punta El Custodio and we ask that you make every effort to conserve water. i.e. short showers and minimal flushing. Bottled water is provided and should always be used for drinking and teeth cleaning. Water containers are in each bathroom.

Surfboards can be rented from Ismael, our on site manager, on a daily basis, at appr. $10 USD. Please discuss with Ismael what you are interested in. Boogie boards are available in most of the houses.

Tides of the estuary
Tide tables are available in all houses and MUST be consulted before crossing the estuary. You CAN ONLY cross when the tide is turning, so there won’t be a current, preferably at low tide. Do not underestimate the power of the tides, and the current. At low tide it is very safe to cross/swim in the Estuary or the Ocean at the East/South side. At other times the swimming can be dangerous, the current can be too strong, even for experienced swimmers. There is a safe beach in Platanitos, the village 800 meters, or half a mile down the road, with restaurants to choose from as well.

In case of problems please call Michel, your rental agent:
Whatsapp: +52 1 322 12 59 695 or at 322 12 59 695 (Mexican cellphone)

You will love our place if:

you like adventure (crossing the estuary!)

You will love our place if:

you enjoy unspoiled nature (the whole area)

You will love our place if:

you want to relax (no better place)

You will love our place if:

you want to be pampered (everybody will work hard to make your stay unforgettable)

You will love our place if:

you want to spend a week or so in paradise (you found it!)

You will love our place if:

you want to be away from all the tourists

You will love our place if:

you don’t want to cook, do dishes etc. (you may not want to leave)

You will love our place if:

you want to see pelicans flying right in front of your terrace (and all kinds of other exotic birds)

You will love our place if:

you want to see dolphins and whales at 600 feet from your terrace (from December until the end of March)

You should not book if:

you are very sensitive for bugs (our community is free from insecticides as much as possible)

You should not book if:

you want bars, restaurants and nightlife during your stay (at no place you will see as many stars at night as in our area, there is no light pollution from cities nearby)

You should not book if:

you have problems walking (a cobblestone road that winds through our community, houses with different levels)

You should not book if:

you need a hospital very close (we can make it to the nearest hospital in 45 minutes)

You should not book if:

you want to be online 24/7 (this is rural Mexico, sometimes you will be disconnected from the world)