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About your rental agent

About your Rental agent at Punta el Custodio

Before I tell you about the owners and staff of the 10 beautiful houses at Punta el Custodio, let me first tell you a little about myself. My name is Michel Striekwold, and I will be your rental agent and primary point of contact when you book one of our villas.

I moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico from Holland in March 2006, to work and enjoy life. I was lucky enough to find a job as a web designer, my main profession at that time, in a travel company in Vallarta. Everything went well until the financial crisis in 2008. The crisis, in combination with the Mexican swine flu and bad press about drug violence, resulted in a steep decline in tourism. Eventually, the office where I worked had to close.

I had already started a rental company in 2008 (villarentmexico.com), so I decided to start my own business as a rental agent. I was still working as a website designer and photographer of rentals and real estate. At the time, I wasn’t really established as a rental agent, but I was able to provide quality, honest, and reliable service to renters. Along the way, I learned all the ins and outs of the rental business.

Becoming the rental agent for Punta el Custodio
In March 2009, I had the opportunity to take photos and 360° panoramas of two beautiful houses at Punta el Custodio. I remember the phone call from Oliver, the owner of Casa Colibri, on a Tuesday afternoon. Oliver, his wife Rachel and his longtime friend Ken were at their house for a few weeks. Oliver not only wanted me to take photos of his house, he also invited me, my wife and our little daughter Eva to spend the weekend with them. Everything would be taken care of.

When my wife came home that day, I surprised her with the news that we were invited to go to a spectacular, luxurious villa in the countryside—a real treat for us. The two-hour drive to Punta el Custodio was amazingly beautiful. When we entered the gate at Punta el Custodio it seemed like we entered another, magical world. It was truly one of the most incredible places we had ever been to.

In the 3.5 years after that visit, seven of the owners at Punta el Custodio and I had become good friends. My little family and I stayed in all houses, taking photos of each of the 14 villas. In December 2012, the seven owners (ten owners by now, 2020) and I decided to work more closely together. I was established as a rental agent and had the tools to market this beautiful location.
The close ties I have with the owners and the time I spent at Punta el Custodio (more than 100 weekends) allow me to give you excellent, firsthand knowledge about a stay there. I am very proud to represent such a truly magical place. I will assist you in finding the best rental possible for you and answer all your questions as quickly as possible.

Once you arrive at Punta el Custodio Ismael Franco, the property manager — for all houses except Casa Sonrisa — and his staff will take excellent care of you. Private maids are on hand to make your stay relaxing and memorable. Ismael, who speaks perfect English, will answer all your questions about your stay and will help you with any excursions you want to make. Ismael is also in charge of the all-inclusive plan and airport transfers. He will be your main contact during your stay; he is there every day. Wendy Fletcher is the on-site manager for Casa Sonrisa: if you rent Casa Sonrisa, please contact Wendy for anything you need.

Professional gardeners keep the grounds and landscaping meticulously groomed. They ensure the villas look and feel like lush, tropical, paradises. These staff members provide a personal, caring touch to make Punta el Custodio stand out in the world of vacation rental properties. Last, but not least, the owners who worked, and continue to work, incredibly hard to make Punta el Custodio a spectacular paradise. We all take great pride in providing a very special place for our guests where they can truly relax, enjoy the amazing surroundings and great service from our staff.

Please have a look at our website and contact us to make your reservation!

Michel Striekwold
Bucerias, Mexico
+52 322 1259 695

Michel Striekwold, your rental manager

Michel Striekwold, your rental manager